From 2004-2007, I created a number of short electronic works that were my response to living in an environment so unlike that which I grew up in (i.e. moving from Colorado to New York City). I dubbed them "soundbites" because of their short, pithy nature.

Then life intervened and interest waned. The bites stopped biting.

Along comes 2012 and, after an interesting workshop led by a Zen priest, my interest waxed poetic again. I finished up a few unfinished bites. I made a few new ones. They're a little different now—as is to be expected. I'm a little different now. The site is back online: Or point your favorite media player (VLC should be your favorite) to

The bites, new and old, are assembled out of a variety of constituent elements. A few favorite opera samples, foley, field recordings and a hearty dose of my (sometimes arch) ramblings caught on tape.

A history in sound. An aural blog. Musique concrete. Call it what you like. All I ask is that you listen with ears wide open and pay attention to the soundbites of your own experiences.

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